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Donnerstag, 21. April 2011, 14:41

Interview mit John


TV & Showbiz
John Simm: 'I wish I'd done another series of Life on Mars'

Ian Wylie

April 21, 2011


New drama: John Simm and Jim Broadbent as Tom and Sam Ronstadt in Exiles New drama: John Simm and Jim Broadbent as Tom and Sam Ronstadt in Exiles

John Simm does his best to cope with the fame game. But he isn’t happy when it gets too intrusive.

The Lancashire-raised actor admits: "I find it excruciating. It’s horrible to get a cameraphone shoved in your face every time you walk out the door. Not nice.

"Especially when people don’t even acknowledge that you’re a human being. They just shove a phone in your face and try and film you and take your picture. That’s annoying. But there are genuine fans there and it’s hard to differentiate."

The crowds who waited for John last year after his acclaimed peformances as Hamlet at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre will testify to the time and effort he puts in for those real fans.

"I really tried my best at the stage door. After an exhausting night and maybe two shows a day - especially Hamlet twice a day, which should be illegal - it’s difficult to stand there for half an hour and chat and smile and to have your picture taken.

"But sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s fine, if they don’t encroach too much. So it’s swings and roundabouts. And like Laurence Olivier said, if we didn’t have an audience you’d just be talking to yourself in an empty room. I wouldn’t have a job."

John, 40, won plaudits for his role as investigative reporter Cal McCaffrey in State Of Play, written by Paul Abbott. But he plays a very different kind of journalist in three-part BBC1 drama Exile, screened on consecutive nights from Sunday May 1.

Tom Ronstadt is a washed up celebrity snooper, just sacked from his job with London magazine Ransom. High on drink and drugs, he seeks refuge with his lover, who happens to be married to the editor. A role taken by John’s real life actress wife Kate Magowan. Woken at 3am, she slams the front door in his face. But not before he slaps her.

That’s the catalyst for Tom to get in his flash Lotus sports car and head north up the M1 in this drama created by Abbott and written by Hyde-born Danny Brocklehurst.

Tom drives to the Lancashire home he left some 18 years before, after his father Sam gave him an unexplained savage beating.

Sam was a campaigning journalist on a top regional newpaper - "the equivalent of the Manchester Evening News" - and had caught his son looking at a file in his home office.

Now retired, the veteran reporter, played by Oscar-winning Jim Broadbent, is suffering from Alzheimer’s and, it appears, cannot answer the questions Tom has about the past.

It was revealed last year that Jim, 61, had taken over the role which was originally due to be filled by Warrington-born Pete Postlethwaite, who lost his long fight with cancer in January at the age of 64.

John recalls: "I’d never worked with Pete and thought, ‘Wow, this is going to be incredible.’ I was all geared up for that and then he was obviously very ill, so Jim took over. He’s also brilliant."

Filmed in locations including Bury, Ramsbottom and Oldham Athletic’s Boundary Park ground, the drama is the first to come from Hale-based AbbottVision and was produced by Manchester’s Red Production Company.

It was also Nelson-raised John’s first TV job back in the North West since he starred as Manchester’s detective Sam Tyler, alongside Philip Glenister as "Manc Lion" Gene Hunt, in time travel cop drama Life On Mars.

"I spent most of my youth in Manchester, in clubs and football grounds and the Manchester Apollo," he grins. "We moved all around Manchester, and in the outskirts, and then I left.

"I love Manchester. I always have, ever since I was a kid and I go back as much as I can. Manchester’s my spiritual home. I’ve been in London for 22 years now but Manchester’s the only other place, I think, in the country that I could live."

John was in virtually every scene of Life On Mars and completed a punishing schedule over two series, away from his wife and two children. His decision to leave forced the writers to scrap plans for a third series and then unfold Gene’s untold story without him over three series of sequel Ashes To Ashes.

"If anything, maybe I was a bit hasty with that. I should have done another Life On Mars. Maybe one more," he reflects.

"I missed my family and I missed being away from home. The reasons were genuine. If they’d have moved it to London, I would have done it.

"And then, ironically enough, they did the spin-off in London," he laughs. "Ashes To Ashes was set in London. I saw that and I thought, ‘Oh, for God’s sake, we could have worked something out.’ It’s a shame. It’s gone now."

He adds: "I get bored - it was, ‘I’ve done everything I can with this character, there’s nowhere else I can go.’ There were so many different reasons and a lot of them were the fact that I couldn’t do anything else with Sam Tyler. He just became a sort of shaking his head and tutting. He didn’t get the funny lines in it.

"I think they found it hard to write for him, whereas they got more and more pleasure of writing for Gene. Quite understandably, because he was a fantastic character to write for.

"And so I can feel a backlash coming - and I could in the back of my head with Life On Mars, that I thought we’d done enough. 16 hours non-stop on screen.

"It’s only now, with years and years and years of hindsight that I think, ‘It was so iconic that show.’ Then maybe one more. I don’t know. But there’s no point regretting things like that. They did Ashes To Ashes and that was a great success and Phil’s done fantastically well out of it. I had great fun. And I’m quite pleased with my 16 hours of Seventies’ cop drama."

Some fans hoped he would return for the finale of Ashes. "No. That was never going to happen. It was a totally different show. I didn’t want to and they didn’t ask me.

"It was very strange. I watched the first episode and it was so weird watching those characters without me stood next to them. Because they were all in my head.

"I couldn’t deal with it. I found it very difficult to watch. But I loved playing Sam Tyler and I loved working with Phil. But, you know, I work with Phil every 10 minutes, so I’m not going to miss that."

Set to film a second series of Sky1’s Mad Dogs with Glenister, John also doesn’t rule out returning to his role as The Master in Doctor Who.

"I’m sure I could but no-one’s mentioned it. Steven Moffat is a brilliant writer and it would be nice to see what he does with The Master. Maybe they’d want him to regenerate into somebody much younger. Somebody from Skins or something like that. Or a woman. And what would be wrong with that?

"They can do whatever they want with The Master. You’re at their mercy. But I’d seriously consider it if they asked me. I’d love to have a go at Matt Smith because I think he’s really great."

Would John ever shy away from a high profile role because of the subsequent media and public attention they attract?

"Oh, no way, no. The attention is the attention, that’s what it is. But it’s not going to stop me doing things like that. I’m incredibly proud of Life On Mars and Doctor Who. They’re just a blast to do. Why not?

"You do the serious stuff, the classical stuff, the populist stuff and sci-fi stuff. You’re an actor, try everything."

Mit Dank an wibble/TRA!

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


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Donnerstag, 21. April 2011, 17:23

Yip, hab den Artikel gerade über einen Link bei facebook gelesen. John springt ja manchmal echt hin und her mit seiner Meinung. Im nächsten Interview sagt er dann wieder, dass es gut war nach zwei Staffeln aufzuhören. :rolleyes: ;)

Steven Moffat weiß zumindest, dass John gerne nochmal den Master spielen würde. Er hatte vor ein paar Wochen auf einer Vorstellung der neuen Doctor Who Folgen davon erzählt, dass John auf ihn zugekommen sei.
Also wer weiß? Vllt gibt es ein Wiedersehen mit dem Master 2012.
Ich bin auf jeden Fall gespannt, was Moffat für eine Geschichte schreiben würde.
My name is Sam Tyler. DCI Sam Tyler.
That much I do know! The rest is anyone's guess.
Because one minute I was in 2006, the next I'm in 1973!!!
So the question now is: What happened? Why am I here?


Donnerstag, 21. April 2011, 22:58

Yip, hab den Artikel gerade über einen Link bei facebook gelesen. John springt ja manchmal echt hin und her mit seiner Meinung. Im nächsten Interview sagt er dann wieder, dass es gut war nach zwei Staffeln aufzuhören. :rolleyes: ;)


Aber grade, weil er seine Meinung öfters wechselt, bin ich immer froh, wenn ich was lese, das zeigt, daß er Sam und LoM doch wirklich mochte. Manchmal hatte ich da ja schon fast Zweifel ...

Und er arbeitet alle 10 Minuten mit Phil zusammen? Ihm mag's ja so vorkommen, aber mir dauern die Pausen immer viel zu lange! Aber wenigstens steht ja jetzt "Mad Dogs 2" bevor, da gibt's dann wieder "Futter" für uns! :D

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Freitag, 22. April 2011, 12:45

The Sun - Simm: I left Life in haste


Simm: I left Life in haste

Published: Today

LIFE On Mars star John Simm last night said he regrets quitting the BBC1 hit after two series.

John missed his family as he filmed his role as time-travelling cop Sam Tyler in Manchester.

He said: "Maybe I was hasty. I should have done another.

"If they'd have moved it to London, I'd have done it."

John, 40, added it was hard watching characters like Philip Glenister's Gene Hunt in spin-off Ashes to Ashes. He said: "I couldn't deal with it. I loved playing Sam and working with Phil."

Danke an wibble/TRA!

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Mittwoch, 13. März 2013, 22:16

Neues Interview - Red Magazine April i2013


John Simm – From Rebel to The Prince of Denmark By Alison Jane Reid
by Alison Jane Reid on March 13, 2013

Actor John Simm, Photographed in the library at The Charlotte Street Hotel, London - Picture By Jason Joyce


How do you begin to define an actor like John Simm? How do you define anyone who has played a succession of the juiciest, most coruscating roles on television and independent film over the past fifteen years, from a Roman emperor to a post punk, rock legend, a time-travelling policeman to The Prince of Denmark? The latter, a part he declares that if there was “a gun at my head, I would say that was the best role I ever had.”

Along the way he also became the thinking woman’s pinup without the slightest idea that it is so. A man whose sulky, rebel insouciance still glitters, long after he first ruthlessly crawled under our skin in Jimmy McGovern’s dark tale of social mayhem and dysfunction, in The Lakes.

The truth is there is just something ineffably cool about John Simm. He is a classically trained actor who also happens to be mad about The Beatles, learnt how to play guitar at eleven, and was in the cult band, Magic Alex.

Let me tell you that he has lovely manners too, and restless, mercurial eyes, that you could easily get lost in. With a cheeky, almost wistful, faraway look, JS talks about the buzz of playing the New Order frontman, Bernard Sumner in Michael Winterbottom’s raw, atmospheric film, Twenty Four Hour Party People. “I was part of that scene, and I would have been gutted if he hadn’t asked me.”

Of course, now he is married to the raven-haired actress, Kate Magowan; they have two kids, Ryan and Molly, and life has changed. These days he picks roles that satisfy his intellectual curiosity, just so long as they don’t interfere too much with the precious rhythm of family life, which he clearly relishes. “Of course it’s difficult,” he says. “I don’t like being away from my children, and my family. Who would? I am always trying to fit back into their lives, without them making me suffer too much,” he says smiling

What you really should know about Simm is that it everything revolves around the work and the pursuit of great writing. As if you didn’t know that already. Certainly, that slightly anal, single-minded pursuit of literary stardust has paid off. And just when you might be tempted to say, oh well, he always plays edgy characters, murderers, hedonistic party animals, jailbirds and misfits – he did play a kind of saint in Sex Traffic, an imperfectly lovely Lancelot if you will. The man can’t be pigeon holed! But in The Village – perhaps he inhabits his most uncomfortable character yet – John Middleton, a salt of the earth farmer, and a deeply flawed, wreck of a human being who makes his family pay for a terrible secret in his past. “ The good thing is that he does have a moment of redemption,” he says dangling the carrot. “He was a challenge to play. But I won’t spoil it for you – you have to see it.”

John Simm in his own words…..

“I’ve never wanted a role so badly, as I did The Lakes. I was very cheeky and very young. I remember walking out of the final recall, and then walking straight back in again, and then going straight up to the director, and saying, ‘ please, just give me this role, just trust me, please trust me, I won’t let you down… and looking him straight in the eyes’ – then thinking, ‘what have I done?’ It was an impulsive thing.

“People might be surprised to hear that I am shy. When I was in the band, Magic Alex, I hated being on stage. It’s why I decided to become an actor. Acting allows you to wear a mask, and become someone else; I’m comfortable with that.”

“I’d played a killer in Cracker, and that put me on Jimmy McGovern’s radar, but it was The Lakes that ignited my career. That was the beginning of everything for me. It was all about great writing, and an absolute highlight for me. It is very rare in television that they will take a chance on an unknown actor, and give you the main part. That was when I first go to know Max (Beesley) a bit. We both had these big leads. He was in Tom Jones, and I was playing Danny Kavanagh in The Lakes.”

“Human Traffic – now there’s a time capsule. I played Jif, who was paranoid about sex. From what I can remember, and yes, it is a bit hazy! – Me, Danny, Sean and the girls had a great time, a great time – it was a blast!”

“ The chunk of time between Human Traffic and Life on Mars was a very exciting time. This is when I played Cal McCaffrey in State of Play and Daniel Appleton in Sex Traffic. They were both exceptional pieces of writing, and both wonderful to do. I also played Caligula, which was fantastic. I had to learn to ride a horse in a week, and ride it up the Senate steps. It helped me a lot to prepare for the part of The Master, in Doctor Who. It was like a trial run.”

“ Life On Mars was just the most fantastic double act with Phil (Glenister) – he’s like my screen husband! We felt like we were in Starsky and Hutch or The Professionals. What’s not to like bursting round a corner in a Cortina? Or jumping out, and kicking doors in. It was fantastic fun, and I am so proud of what we did.”

“Playing Raskolnikov In Crime and Punishment was a gift. When I overheard the director Julian Jarrold and the writer Tony Marchant talking about doing it, I was on it like a limpet. I wanted that role. If I had to choose between Dickens and Dostoyevsky, I would probably choose the Russian. He’s one of my favourite writers. In Russia, Raskolnikov is treated like a folk hero; he’s a bit like Sherlock Holmes. You don’t know whether he is real or imaginary. In St Petersburg, you can go and see his flat. It’s just as it is described in the book. People go there on pilgrimage; it’s like Abbey Road.”

“I fought for the part of Edward Sexby, In the Devil’s Whore. He’s a soldier of fortune, falls in love, discovers he has a heart, changes allegiance; he’s a brilliant swordsman and ends up with a metal hand. What a part! It was a boy’s own adventure come to life. I was offered a different role, and I understand that they wouldn’t have immediately thought of me; but I wanted to prove I could do it. I was salivating when I read the script by Peter Flannery, and I would have been so pissed off, if I had to watch someone else play it.”

“My priorities have changed now that I am married. It’s not just about me. I’ve got a mortgage, a family, kids at school, and we live in London. Next week I go out to South Africa to film the fourth series of Mad Dogs. This is a once in a lifetime job. I am working with my best mates, in a beautiful location. The scripts are great, the characters all have terrible problems; I wouldn’t trust any of them. All the more fun for us!”

“I don’t cook. Or perhaps I should say I don’t cook as frequently as I used to. But since my wife really got into cooking, and she is such a brilliant cook, it’s pointless, so I stay out of the kitchen. I try and help the kids with their homework, if I can, especially if it’s English or history; but I am not so great at maths!”

“I’ve got seven guitars at home. When I’ve got time, I still play. I’ve discovered that garage band thing on the Ipad, which is great, you just plug it in, and you can record. The other thing I am totally obsessed by is classical music. Ever since I was eighteen, and I played Mozart in Amadeus. I love Beethoven. It’s the only thing I can have on, and do other things. With the human voice – you have to listen to it.”

“ Phil (Glenister) wants me to take up golf. But I can’t do that! I wouldn’t get away with it… we would be gone for hours! It would be ‘where have you been? Golf!!’ I would be divorced. So when I’m not working, I’m a fantastic, professional potterer. You have to be, when you spend so much time away, living in hotels and apartments. I read and catch up on DVD’s. I’ve done the box set of The Killing. Now it’s The Bridge and Richard Burton’s diaries. When my wife goes away to work, there’s always the double school run, which I can assure you is no mean feat! I used to say, ‘what do you do all day?’ And she gave me such a look. Then I did it, and the day just goes like that.”

Favourite Things

I’m currently reading East of Eden, which I can’t put down. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. Then I have to get up and read for an hour, so I can go back to sleep again.

Favourite Music

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto Number 5 – one of the greatest pieces of music ever written.

Favourite Activity

Reading and sleeping. I always like to have a few books on the go. At the moment it’s John Lennon’s Diaries.

The Best thing in life – The best thing in life – is life itself, and spending time with my family and working on a really good character.

The Village is a six part series on Sundays, BBC1 starting in April 2013.

Alison Jane Reid Copyright February 2013, All Rights Reserved. Portrait of John Simm By Jason Joyce. Copyright Jason Joyce/Alison Jane Reid. All Rights Reserved. www.jasonjoyce.com

A version of this interview appeared in The April Issue of Red Magazine www.redonline.co.uk

Download the pdf version of the interview in this month’s Red Magazine - John Simm in Red

*****A broadcast interview and in-depth profile will appear on Ethical Hedonist in April to celebrate John’s Simm leading role in The Village.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)

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Donnerstag, 28. August 2014, 19:43

John morgen frueh im Radio!

Von Twitter/@SimmMasterFans:

Catch @john_simm on Friday with @achrisevans on BBC Radio 2 from 6:30 AM!

6.30 morgens in England ist zum Glueck 7.30 Uhr bei uns. Da werd ich wohl mein Handy bemuehem muessen ... Danach aber dann sicher auf dem BBC iPlayer verfuegbar.


Edit (Dienstag, 2. September 2014, 10.28 Uhr):

Also, niemand hat ihn gehört, also war's vermutlich doch eine Ente ...

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)

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Montag, 29. September 2014, 18:36

Crowd funding für einen guten Zweck, LOL!


TheEthicalHedonist ‏@AlisonJaneReid

Are you a lover of the Everyman @JohnSimmNews @jsimmonline support #EHMag in donating to read our fabulous interview! http://ht.ly/C3y5l

01:59 - 29. Sep. 2014


John Simm Feature Interview: The Perfect Everyman

September 24, 2014 by Alison Jane Reid 2 Comments

John Simm Feature Interview: The Perfect Everyman

The first teaser part of An in-depth profile feature and interview with actor John Simm By journalist Alison Jane Reid.

John talks about his passions, the great roles that will always endure and what really makes him tick. This feature examines John’s career as an actor from Cracker to the present. It represents a great deal of work, passion, creativity and getting to know John, so that we have a professional bond of trust and mutual respect. I am a serious writer, and take my work seriously. Please support my work and this wonderful independent magazine by donating the price of a cup of coffee for journalism that inspires and informs you about your acting heroes. We depend on donations from fans, as we are not at the stage where we have enough advertising or sponsorship yet. You can donate any amount you like via the paypal button on the homepage. I hope you will also check out and read all the other wonderful examples of storytelling on Ethical Hedonist Magazine – an authentic magazine created by me and my talented journalist interns, thank you, Alison Jane – Journalist Extraordinaire.

We are crowd funding Ethical Hedonist Magazine on Tuesday and you will be able to to buy a keepsake, hand-tied version of the full interview on beautiful paper with images from my first shoot with John . If there is anything else you would really like as a memento of the interview with John, let me know on email ethicalhedonistmagazine@gmail.com - Alison Jane

Picture shows left to right – Tory Kittles, John Simm,Mira Sorvino, James Frain and Millie Brown. Copyright BBC America

From the moment I first saw John Simm play the investigative journalist Cal McCaffrey In State of Play – with a crusading brilliance and all too familiar zeal – I was hooked. If he could play a journalist with such gritty realism, he could take on everyman.

Now John Simm’s renaissance reign has entered an intriguing, high-octane new chapter. With Intruders for BBC America – he offers up a love letter to American audiences, as he inhabits that most particular and iconic archetypes, the ex LAPD policeman turned writer, on the trail of a secret society, whose members take up residence in other people’s bodies in a quest for immortality!

While the series feels weirdly slow and unfathomable at times, maybe deliberately so, the revelation is JS playing Jack Whelan, an American citizen. He’s good. No, make that peerless. The accent pasts muster. Oh and the happy birthday scene with Mira Sorvino as his wife is hot! Never mind the plot and a rather nasty scene with a child’s pet cat. That intimate cake-licking moment in that achingly stylish kitchen must surely cause a touch of global warming on both sides of the Atlantic. Wow! JS finally gets to play sexy! Sorvino and Simm look good together. Finally, with a dash of metrosexual stubble and very cool wardrobe, our man gets to play the hero, husband and lover – and about time too. Watching him convey the stuff of love, life and death with such subtle nuances, is a treat. This is what Simm does so very well. Oh! And did I mention he gets to drive beat up American cars? Intruders might just be the series that could transform Britain’s favourite actor into a bon fide international star and America’s new crush.

John Simm and Mira Sorvino as Jack and Amy Whelan in BBC America’s Intruders .Copyright BBC Worldwide.

If his freewheeling travelling schedule is anything to go by, 2014 is certainly shaping up to be a stellar year for Simm. “I’ve been on a workathon all year,” he tells me. “I’ve been back and forth to LA, Derbyshire, Manchester and London since February.” Maybe now is the time one of our most versatile British acting treasures will follow such luminaries as – James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Clive Owen and Colin Firth – into a vibrant, duel career across the pond. Let’s hope that he does it his way, and that he never stops playing time travelling policemen, misfits, salt of the earth farmers or ordinary human beings with such compelling charisma, such marvellous attention to detail.

Reader, they say you should never interview your acting heroes. I make an exception for Simm. When we meet in a discreetly urbane London hotel, the character from the small screen becomes flesh and blood and it is fascinating. I can tell you that he is modest, open, patient, warmhearted and dislikes going to the dentist! Dressed in a midnight blue army sweater, jeans and DMs (you can take the boy out of Manchester) – what really shines is his absolute passion and forensic dedication to the roles he plays. That is why he isn’t just a good actor; he is a great actor.

To Be Continued….. To Read more Please donate via the magazine paypal button. The suggested donation is £3.00 or more.

Intruders airs this autumn on BBC Two – www.bbc.co.uk

Copyright Alison Jane Reid All Rights Reserved September 2014

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Mit Dank an edzel2/Lifein1973

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Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014, 13:52


John wurde in Cannes zu Intruders interviewt.
My name is Sam Tyler. DCI Sam Tyler.
That much I do know! The rest is anyone's guess.
Because one minute I was in 2006, the next I'm in 1973!!!
So the question now is: What happened? Why am I here?


Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014, 12:25

Nicht direkt ein Interview, aber ein bißchen was über Johns Karriere:


B&FC (Blackpool and The Fylde College): Our alumni
Alumni share their success stories

John Simm: From B&FC to the TARDIS, via Mars

Evil Time Lord, hedonistic raver, time-travelling cop… actor and former B&FC student John Simm’s familiar face has been appearing on our big and small screens for more than 20 years.

His is a career that’s spanned hard-hitting parts in popular TV dramas and key roles in cult films, earning him legions of fans along the way. And it all started at Blackpool and The Fylde College.

Having grown up in the small Lancashire town of Nelson, Simm headed for what was then called Blackpool Drama College at the tender age of 16.

He’s described Blackpool as feeling like the centre of the universe after living in Nelson, and after three years honing his skills with us his desire to be an actor was cemented. As his star continues to rise, we look back at the life and career of one of B&FC’s most famous students.

His early career

During his time at Blackpool and The Fylde College Simm tried his hand at musical theatre, appearing in productions of Guys and Dolls and Westside Story. Yet despite his musical background (he grew up playing guitar in a band with his father) he soon realised that musicals were not for him, and focused on more dramatic parts.

After garnering critical acclaim locally for his on-stage performances, Simm once again took a bold step and moved down to London to enrol at the Drama Centre. When he graduated in 1992 it wasn’t long before his obvious talent started getting noticed and he landed his first major TV role.

Making a name for himself

Rarely out of work, Simm set about building a strong CV through performances on the likes of Heartbeat and The Bill. But it wasn’t until 1995 and a part in the hugely popular police drama Cracker that his career really took off.

Leading roles began to flood in, both on TV and in films such as cult classic Human Traffic and later Wonderland. He also returned to the theatre in his first ever professional on-stage performance, but it was TV that gave him the meatier roles that his talent warranted.

Starring roles in critically-acclaimed TV dramas like The Lakes and State of Play brought Simm to the public’s attention in a much bigger way, but it wasn’t until 2006 and a certain time-travelling police drama that he became a household name.

Turning into a star

Simm played Sam Tyler in the nostalgic and hugely popular Life On Mars, a role which earned him a BAFTA nomination for best actor. He left the show after two series, but that wasn’t the end of his stand-out roles in seminal TV shows.

Shortly after Life On Mars ended, Simm was chosen to play the legendary role of the Master – the Doctor’s arch nemesis in Dr Who. It was a role he relished, playing the evil Time Lord with all the psychotic indulgence you’d expect.

Yet more legions of fans followed, and Simm’s name became synonymous with great TV. There’s barely been a TV drama in recent years that hasn’t featured the gritty realism and rugged expressions of this drama alumnus. And with more hard-hitting roles in the pipeline, we can’t wait to see what B&FC’s most famous son has in store for us next.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Donnerstag, 6. August 2015, 23:08

John auf BBC Radio 6 bei Radcliffe and Maconie

John war heute auf BBC Radio 6 live bei Radcliffe and Maconie zu hören:



"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)

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Freitag, 7. August 2015, 13:16

Chris Evans Breakfast Show (BBC 2)

John war heute bei der Chris Evans Breakfast Show auf Radio BBC 2:


Mit Dank an capribird/TRA und sunnynight!

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Samstag, 8. August 2015, 12:32

Sarah and Dan's Extra Edition, 8. August 2015

John scheint einen regelrechten Radiomarathon hinzulegen:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02yybwj - da kann man sich auch die mp3-Datei runterladen

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


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Samstag, 8. August 2015, 14:38

Wow, er probt also schon das nächste Stück während er noch in Three Days in the Country ist? TDitC geht bis Oktober und das neue Stück geht bis Februar, sagte er. Dann muss das neue Stück ja quasi direkt im Anschluss kommen. Da hat er dann wirklich keine Zeit dieses Jahr noch was zu drehen.

Also, wenn überhaupt dann kann eine neue Fernsehrolle ja wirklich erst 2016 kommen. Irgendwie komisch, dass jetzt so lange nichts kommt. Selbst The Village 3 scheint ja kein Thema zu sein...

Auch interessant zu hören, dass er einen Agenten nun in den USA hat. Mal sehen, ob sich da was ergibt. Allerdings lässt er sich da jetzt auch viel Zeit. Ob die ihn nicht wieder vergessen, wenn er bis Februar 2016 ja gar nicht verfügbar ist?

Ich würde mich ja wie Bolle freuen, wenn er The Caretaker macht! Das Stück habe ich in der Schule gelesen und fand es toll!
My name is Sam Tyler. DCI Sam Tyler.
That much I do know! The rest is anyone's guess.
Because one minute I was in 2006, the next I'm in 1973!!!
So the question now is: What happened? Why am I here?


Montag, 17. August 2015, 22:34

ich glaube, daß man ohne Agenten als Schauspieler in den USA überhaupt nicht arbeiten kann. Phil hat auch einen separaten Agenten drüben. Ist dort wohl so üblich, ohne geht gar nix.

Und ja, schaun wir mal, was es wird ... hab ja schon drüben im Thread für das neue Stück gepostet, was/wo es sein könnte. Aber ob das stimmt, muß sich erst zeigen ... bisher ist es nur eine Vermutung.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015, 09:37

Vorgestern wurde John für Manchester United TV interviewt:


Andy Goldstein MBE Verifizierter Account
Spent the afternoon interviewing the brilliant John Simm for @ManUtd TV #topBloke

11:37 - 7. Okt. 2015

Mit Dank an @JohnSimmSociety für den Retweet.

Hoffentlich können wir das Interview mal sehen/hören.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)