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Dienstag, 21. August 2012, 10:03

Tom Graham (Matts Bruder) hat den TRA-Mitglieder einige (leider nicht alle!) Fragen beantwortet:

Hi all

I'm delighted to say that Tom Graham has now answered the vast majority of the questions posed, and has given us some very candid and richly detailed answers.

**Please beware spoilers for all four LOM e-books**

How did the idea for the books come about? Who had it?
The idea was Matt’s. He rang me up, out of the blue, all fired up and excited by the idea of producing a whole series of Life on Mars novels. What happened to Sam immediately after the TV show ended? How did his relationship with Annie pan out? What really happened between him and Gene that led to Sam’s ultimate exit via the Railway Arms? What do we really know about Annie? What about this, what about that? So many questions, so many mysteries, so many secrets lurking in the dark corners of the LoM universe, so many ideas that never found a chance to appear in the TV series. There was too much potential here to let it go to waste, and a series of novels was the perfect answer for plunging into the unexplored areas! Matt shouted my bloody ear off about all this stuff for about half an hour, but his enthusiasm is very infectious, and I soon began to get swept up by the possibilities these books offered. “Write them!” Matt ordained (Matt does a lot of ordaining when he’s excited). Carried along on a wave of energy, I sat down and wrote a first draft of what would become Blood, Bullets & Blue Stratos, and within a couple of weeks my agent had a swarm of big name publishers circling round the manuscript (admittedly, it was the name ‘Gene Hunt’ that attracted them, not ‘Tom Graham’. Who the hell’s this Tom Graham anyway?). In the end, HarperCollins clinched the deal, and dramatically decided to commission not one, not two, but four brand new LoM novels, keeping it open ended for yet more should there be enough public appetite for them. I have to say, HarperCollins have committed themselves to this project whole-heartedly. Right from the start, the talk has been not of four books but ultimately of ten, twenty, more! The material, ideas, and possibilities are all there – it’s just a matter of finding an audience and getting it out there. Matt’s sudden phone call two years ago has opened a very big can of 1970’s worms.

Is the plotline about Sam finding out the truth seeded throughout all the books?
In these novels, Sam isn’t looking for the truth. The truth is looking for him. And the truth is very, very ugly.

How much input do Matthew, Ashley and other script writers have into the plot of your novels?
None. They have the power of veto over everything I write (basically, if it isn’t up to scratch, I’m fired), but Matt and Ashley have shown extraordinary good grace and nerves of steel by standing back and letting me get on with writing these stories in my own way. They have turned the big toy of Life on Mars over to me to play with for a bit – which is as daunting as it is exciting! (Sometimes it’s more daunting than exciting, especially as the publication date gets nearer!!). In turn, I have respected the structure and format of the show they created. There are no sudden deviations from what you know from the series (we do not suddenly reveal that Gene is Chris’s father or anything like that – which is damned lucky for Chris, isn’t it). Just as in the show, Sam is at the heart of the story all the way through, and ultimately it’s his dilemmas, his traumas, his hopes and his fears that drive the drama. The ethos of the books is to deliver what feel like LoM episodes but in book form, but to go to places that it was impossible for the TV show to reach. Unlike the programme makers, I have an unlimited budget – and believe me, I’ve made use of it! There are chases, fights, stunts, set pieces and cosmic visions that would have drained the BBC’s drama budget dry.
But whilst the plots are my own, it should be remembered that these books explore ideas about the LoM universe that have been floating about between Matt and Ashley for over decade. For many years now, I’ve heard Matt’s ruminations and theories on the ultimate truths behind LoM (often late into the night over a ginger ale or two), so what’s in these books is not just my own riff on LoM but a sort of “Encyclopedia Gene-tanica”, a chance to start amassing all the background details, the secrets, the surprises, the dirty laundry and the cosmic revelations that never made it onto TV. If I’ve got it right, my own contributions will blend seamlessly with the pre-existing ideas.

How much time has passed from the last scene in Life on Mars to what happens in the first book? How much time passes between each book? What year is each book set in?
The books are set in 1973, and begin immediately after the TV series ends. But things aren’t quite that simple. We all know that Sam is dead, as are Gene and Ray and all the others, and this isn’t really 1973 but a strange, half-way zone between Life and Death. How does Time pass in Limbo? Does it pass differently from the way it does in Life? Time, and the passing of Time, take on a significant role in the books, and by the end of Book 4 the full significance will be made clear – with dramatic repercussions for Sam. These are heady matters. Matt has certainly waffled on (perceptively at times, drunkenly at others) about this very subject – there could even be an academic thesis called “Time, Temporality, and the Life in Mars Universe” - but it will take several books to address these difficult questions fully.

Will we find out more about Gene's past in that world?
There are far reaching plans for stories that go way beyond the four books being published at the moment. Rest assured, there are many things about Gene’s past waiting to be dealt with, but all in good time. If we shoot our bolt right at the start, we’ll have nothing left for the future! The Gene Genie will not be rushed.

Will Harry Woolf be included or at least mentioned?
Wait for Book 4. It’s called Get Cartwright and comes out next year.

Will we get more of an idea of what the Test Card Girl represents/is?
In books 1-4, the Test Card Girl haunts Sam even more aggressively than she did in the TV show. She certainly reveals new aspects of herself that go beyond what we’ve already seen of her.

Will Sam become less afraid of her?
Are you kidding? Sam’s scared s***less of her – and with good reason! The real question is has he got what it takes to stand up to her? He’ll certainly try. These books will see him going head-to-head with that creepy little brat, but I can’t guarantee the outcome. She’s dangerous.

Did you rewatch Life on Mars before you began writing?
I most certainly did! The DVD box set is sitting right next to me as I type this. But I made a very conscious decision to move on from the show, not to tinker or play around with pre-existing story lines. There is more than enough new and unused material for my books without me going back and plundering previous episodes. Also (and this is one of the realities of publishing) my books had to in some way stand apart from the show and be accessible to readers who only vaguely remember Life on Mars but haven’t seen it since it was first aired. There were times I felt like Peter Jackson making the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – like him, I have to appeal to the hard core fan, the semi-fan, the part-time fan, and the casual passing punter who’s never even heard of the thing. Unlike Jackson, I didn’t have a half a billion dollars budget riding on it, but the principal’s the same. So, I have very deliberately written books that recall the TV show, jog memories of characters and events from the show, recreate the atmosphere and ethos of the show, but don’t require an in-depth knowledge of minor characters and plot points. We don’t (yet) plunge into the finer details of the LoM mythology that would mystify the general reader, but if further books are commissioned, there will be plenty of room to get stuck into the minutiae!
"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Dienstag, 21. August 2012, 10:03

Are there any other new characters that are coppers?
That’s a more complicated question than you realize. I can only advise you to read the books and see for yourself. The answer to the question “are there any new coppers?” is yes, no, sort of, very much so, depends how you look at it (which isn’t any sort of an answer at all, is it).

Will we find out more about Phyllis?
I’ve deliberately kept Phyllis somewhat in reserve in books 1-4. But if things go well and more books are forthcoming, her hour will come. She has secrets, as do all the characters – and she might well spring a couple of surprises.

Do the novels focus more on the characters solving crimes and interacting in the 70s world or on the overall mystery of Life on Mars?
I once congratulated Matt and Ashley on creating TV’s first ontological police procedural drama. LoM is as much about what it means to be alive as it is about nicking villains. The crimes our heroes set out to solve, the 1970’s world they interact with, and the “overall mystery of Life on Mars” are not three different elements, but all facets of the same thing. My books reflect this very carefully. Each one has a crime to be solved, each one has its 70’s references and details, and each one sheds a little more light on certain dark corners of the LoM universe. Everything is linked to everything else.

Apart from Sam, the Test Card Girl and Nelson, are there going to be any other characters that know or seem to know more than anyone else?
Absolutely. But knowledge isn’t always a good thing, not in the LoM universe.

Which character did you find most difficult to write for and why?
Without a doubt, the most difficult character to write has been Sam Tyler himself. As the hero, he has to carry every story (hats off to John Simm who managed that so brilliantly in the show). He is in constant danger of being overshadowed by the enormous personality of Gene Hunt. He plays by the rules and can start sounding prim and uptight, always telling Gene off for using racist/sexist/homophobic language etc. And what’s more, he’s always dealing with huge identity crises, wondering what and where he is, drifting in and out of various realities, hearing voices, and screaming things like “get me out of here!” It’s very easy to let him become a repetitive, whining, confused, self-obsessed bore – and who wants to watch/read about that? (Maybe fans of TOWIE, perhaps.) So I have had to sharpen my game as a writer, pulling out all the stops to ensure that Sam remains the sympathetic, dynamic character we all know from the TV shows, instead of letting him become a second banana in the ‘Gene Hunt Show’.

When writing the dialogue, did you imagine the actors in their roles?
Of course! How could it be otherwise? Those actors have been a bloody gift for me in writing these books. Sam, Gene, Annie, Ray, Chris, Phyllis, Nelson – they’re all there, ready to go, fully formed personalities with their own tics and traits and mannerisms and voices. Until a writer can hear a character speak for him/herself, that character remains dead on the page. But here, I was delivered an embarrassment of riches – a whole troupe of extraordinary personalities, all running around and speaking for themselves… sometimes too much! When Gene starts up inside your head, it sometimes takes a conscious effort to shut the bastard up. And Chris and Ray can go off on one together, quite independently of me. At times I felt I was working with real people, all making up their own lines regardless of what I was telling them to do – and that’s in no small part because the actors in the show nailed those characters so brilliantly. LoM really was blessed by a first rate cast, as I’m sure all of you would agree. If I can make you hear and see those actors by the way I’ve written them, then I’ll be very happy.

Apart from the Test Card Girl, will there be any other supernatural occurrences?
You bet.

And does Sam remain the only one that sees the weird stuff?

What part of the stories did you enjoy writing most i.e. the crimes, the funny bits, the weird moments?
When a character like Gene comes alive in your head and starts talking for himself, it’s not like writing at all, it’s like sitting back and taking dictation. And if what that character’s saying is funny/outrageous/unforgivably rude, then that’s about as fun as writing can get. There were times when I would have to email a snippet to Matt with the note Look what Gene’s just said! or This is what Ray’s just come out with – can he get away with this?! There were times when I had to remind myself that it was ME, not the characters, who were responsible for what was coming out of their mouths. I think some of their more extreme utterances might come back to haunt me – but it was bloody great fun writing them down.
Then again, one of great things about writing LoM is that there is always the opportunity to break out from the fag-stained confines of 1973 and enter a startling universe of cosmic/psychological horror, multiple realities, time shifts, heaven and hell! How can your imagination not be fired by possibilities such as these? The biggest problem has been enjoying writing this stuff too much. Self-indulgence is a killer (thankfully I’ve got a brilliant editor at HarperCollins who hits me on the wrist with a ruler and keeps me properly focused.)

Will these books answer or give us clues to some of the questions left unanswered in Ashes?
It’s possible.

What areas and characters were the most fun to explore/research and write about?
The most enjoyable research has been dredging up personal memories of the 70’s. Matt has mentioned in interviews how much of LoM was inspired by childhood memories. As kids in the 70’s, we both remember a certain “uncle” (who wasn’t a real uncle) who reeked of panatelas and had a voice like phlegm over gravel. He was amazing, terrifying, and strangely heroic all at the same time – a real 1970’s man, a man’s man, drenched in eye-watering aftershave and with
a face that was all stubble and broken veins. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Characters like Gene and Ray started life here in this redoubtable “uncle”, and one of the great pleasures of writing these books has been the chance to drift back and recall the many other “uncles” and “aunties” who populated our childhoods, and to cast them (in disguised forms) in the stories.

Did you use a police advisor when writing the crime plotlines? And if so was it the same person used in Life on Mars?
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use that particular gentleman, but I did have access to certain recollections and anecdotes of his. There’s stuff you just wouldn’t make up! Time travel and the Test Card Girl are more believable than police procedures in the 70’s.

Who is your favourite character?
Hey, these are my foster-kids you’re asking me to pick and choose between! What the hell is this, Sophie’s Choice?
Pushed for an answer, I will say that I love them all equally for their different qualities – although one or two of them can occasionally be real pains in the arse. Annie’s absolutely lovely, though, isn’t she?

And which ending did you like more, Life on Mars's or Ashes to Ashes's?
Without a doubt, I like the ending to Life on Mars most because it left Sam’s story open-ended enough for me to be able to write novels about it! In terms of drama, however, both series end in ways that are perfectly suited for the stories they tell.

Can we expect some new great one liners from Gene?
The million dollar question. If I fail in the one-liners, then I fail in the whole project. I have poured blood, sweat and even one or two tears into creating lines worthy of the mighty Guv’nor. As to the quality of these lines, I’ve had approval from Gene’s biological parents (i.e. Matt and Ashley – though I don’t know which one’s mummy and which one’s daddy), so now the jury is YOU, the readers. It’s for you to judge if I’ve delivered the Guv in all his glory. I await the verdict.

A HUGE thank you to Tom for not only offering to do this, but giving us such detailed and spirited answers. A big thank you also to Katie at Harper Collins for facilitating.

Mit Dank an wibble/TRA.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


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Dienstag, 21. August 2012, 19:38

Danke, Jessie fürs Reinstellen der Fragen und Antworten!

Ich finde es nur beunruhigend, dass Sam immer noch Stimmen hört. Wie geht das, wenn er doch gesprungen ist? Außerdem will ich, dass er glücklich ist und das blöde Test Card Girl ihn in Ruhe lässt! So!
My name is Sam Tyler. DCI Sam Tyler.
That much I do know! The rest is anyone's guess.
Because one minute I was in 2006, the next I'm in 1973!!!
So the question now is: What happened? Why am I here?


Dienstag, 21. August 2012, 22:43

Ja, die Sache, daß die Wahrheit so "ugly" sein soll, stört mich auch. Und ja, das TCG hat sich ja sozusage selbst abgeschaltet am Schluß, was sie noch von ihm will, weiß ich auch nicht.

Interessant finde ich auch, welche Fragen er nicht beantwortet hat, wobei man nicht weiß, ob die von TRA zensiert wurden oder nicht.

Alle Fragen:

Since you have the luxury of being able to expand on aspects of the characters that couldn't be done in a one hour show.... what areas/characters were the most fun to explore/research and write about?

When planning the books, was it your intention for them to focus more on
A) The characters solving crimes and interacting in the 70s world
B) Revealing more about the overall "mystery" of LOM?

My question is that in the opening sequence when Sam is struck by the 1980's blue car, we always wondered who the driver might have been? A retired Gene..... or a DCI Alex..... we even slowed down the DVD...... or maybe you have your own theory already covered on this!

How much of what's going to happen in these novels, plotwise, is your (i.e. Tom's) idea, and how much is dictated by Matthew and Ashley (or others), or by what we've already been told in A2A?
Plus, what makes them "Life on Mars" novels rather than "Ashes to Ashes" novels or something different entirely (titled e.g. "Changes" or whatever)? Quoting from what wibble posted above, citing Matthew: "The 8 year gap between Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes is a period that still fascinates fans.", this seems to confirm that "Life on Mars" has already ended and "Ashes to Ashes" had not yet begun in this period they are about to cover; plus, from what I gather, they will deal with a premise shown to the viewers in A2A rather than LoM.

Which were the scenes in LoM which you liked best, and which scenes were there where you thought if it wasn't a 1-hour TV show but a novel, they could be explored deeper?
And which ending did you like more, LoM's or A2A's?

1. Have you read any David Peace ??
2. Who's your fav character ??
3. when the books come out, will they be in said faded colours, with stains, dog-eared, etc.??

Did you pretty much have a free rein when coming up with the stories?, were there elements that Matthew and Ashley had said needed to be included?
Do the crimes fit around what you wanted to explore with the characters, like in the shows?
Did you use a police advisor when writing the crime plotlines? And if so was it the same person used in LoM?
Did you rewatch LoM before you began writing?
How much time has past from the last scene in LoM to what happens in the first book?
How much time passes between each book? What year is each book set in?
In an interview in 2010 Matthew talked about what a third series of LoM would have been about; that Sam would initially think he was in heaven and soon realise he wasn't. Is this idea used in the books?
Will there be anymore messages from the future?
Will we find out more about Phyllis?
I assume Bevan and Paul Thordy will be included but are there any other new characters that are coppers?
Will Harry Woolf be included or at least mentioned?
Is the plotline about Sam finding out the truth seeded throughout all the books?
Will these books answer or give us clues to some of the questions left unanswered in Ashes?
Apart from Sam, the Test Card Girl and Nelson, are there going to be any other characters that know or seem to know more than anyone else?
Will we get more of an idea of what the Test Card Girl represents/is? Will Sam become less afraid of her?
Apart from the Test Card Girl, will there be any other supernatural occurances? And does Sam remain the only one that sees the weird stuff?
Can we expect some new great one liners from Gene?
Will we find out more about Gene's past in that world?
Will the last book include or mention Gene, Ray & Chris transferring to London?
Which character did you find most difficult to write for and why?
When writing the dialogue, did you imagine the actors in their roles?
What part of the stories did you enjoy writing most i.e. the crimes, the funny bits, the weird moments?
Who is your favourite character in LoM and who was your favourite character to write for?
Do you have a favourite LoM episode or scene?

As Sam and Annie are together now, will any of the books include Sam meeting Annie's family? Will there be any family get togethers round their house/flat?
Is Jackie Queen in any of the books?

How did the idea of the books come about? Who had it?
Why are there no physical books? I don't have an e-book reader and Kindle for PC won't run on my computer so I feel like I'm being left out as a reader.
Were there other writers interested in writing those books? How did you get the job? Or were you involved in the project from the beginning? Will parts be written by Matthew and/or Ashley?
Will the Christmas special which was published some time ago (written by Matthew) and the "Scorpion" story written by you be canon with regards to the books?
Who will the audiobooks be read by?
If you had had the option to write a TV episode for either LoM or A2A, which series would you have preferred, and why?

Insgesamt hatten sich nur wenige TRA-Mitglieder am Fragespiel beteiligt ... auch schon aussagekräftig ...


Edit (Mittwoch, 22. August 2012, 10.27 Uhr):

Was mich auch stört an der Sache ist die Aussage, daß es vielleicht "unendlich viele" Bücher werden. Also beliebig viele, je nachdem, wie erfolgreich sie sind.

Klingt zwar mehr nach LoM, einfach noch mehr Geschichten mit Sam und Gene im Jahr 1973, aber ... ABER es soll ja eigentlich eine Brücke geschlagen werden zwischen LoM und A2A, und viele hoffen auf Antworten auf Fragen, die A2A aufgeworfen hat. Und es hieß ja auch, diese sollen beantwortet werden, also daß das letzte Buch dann zeigt, wie Gene Sam in's Railway Arms geleitet. Was ist jetzt, wenn sie erst 4 Bücher machen, dann aber keins mehr? Gibt's die Antworten dann nicht mehr, wenn beim Schreiben des 4. Buchs noch nicht klar war, daß es das letzte sein wird. Vor allem soll das 4. ja "Get Cartwright" heißen (angelehnt an "Get Carter", nehm ich mal an). Klingt nicht nach dem bitteren Ende.

Ich persönlich wär ja froh, wenn wir von den A2A-Elementen verschont blieben, aber ich glaube es kaum. Wenn die Bücher nur LoM-Geschichteln werden, dann bleib ich lieber bei Fan-Fiction. Die machen das besser, sag ich jetzt mal, und Tom Graham ist nunmal nicht Matt G. oder Ash P., und es sind auch keine offiziellen LoM-Folgen. Aber wenn die Bücher geschrieben werden, um Fragen zu beantworten, dann sollen sie das auch tun. Und nicht wieder nur "rumlabern" und dann die paar Fans, die jetzt darauf hoffen, auch noch enttäuschen. Mal sollte schon einen Plan haben, und vor allem eben gut planen, ob man hinkommt, zeitlich bzw. mit dem Herausgeber der Bücher. Nicht, daß es dann da böse Überraschungen gibt und das Projekt einfach mittendrin ohne richtigen Abschluß eingestellt wird.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)

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Freitag, 31. August 2012, 11:41

wibble hat gerade auf TRA gepostet, daß es wahrscheinlich doch keine Audio-Bücher geben wird?!

Quote from: wibble on Today at 10:31:23 AM
Harper Collins have said there are no audio books planned for the moment.

Konnten sie sich mit Phil/John nicht einigen? Haben die Nein gesagt? Oder was ist passiert??? :hairy: 8I :confused: x(

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Freitag, 7. September 2012, 17:08

Die ersten Beurteilungen für das "Buch" laufen ein ... Was ich bisher so gelesen habe, reicht von 5 Sterne (Amazon.co.uk) über "dodgy" bis hin zu total mies.

Wer einen Kindle oder Kindle for PC hat, kann sich ein "sample" aus dem Buch kostenlos runterladen. Habe aber weder noch (for PC läuft auf meiner alten Krücke nicht mehr), kann also leider nicht mit einem Ausschnitt dienen.


Edit (Mittwoch, 12. September 2012, 12.45 Uhr):

OscarPapaRomeo/TRA hat dankenswerterweise einen Ausschnitt gepostet:

[spoiler]Am I still unconscious? Blackness. That’s all there was. Am I still alive? Still just blackness. Tentatively, he raised a hand to the back of his head. Where Carol had brought the butt of her pistol down on him he felt nothing – no blood, no swelling, not even a dull ache. He flexed his shoulders, and they too felt fine, despite the frightful blow to the spine that had sent him sprawling only moments before. ‘Something’s wrong,’ he said out loud. ‘To feel this right, something must be wrong.’ He peered into the darkness, unsure if the vague hints of colour and form were just his eyes playing tricks on him. With infinite care, he shuffled blindly forward, feeling the way ahead of him with his foot, wary of obstacles or sudden, cavernous drops. Where the hell was he? Had the R-H-F locked him in a lightless cellar? Had they buried him alive somewhere? Would they be back for him, or was this it? Was he abandoned? Was he doomed to die here, alone in the dark, screaming for a help that would never come, starving, dehydrating, slowly rotting away? ‘Hello? Anybody there?’ The more he squinted, the surer he was that the murky smudge he perceived ahead of him was real, not imagined. It seemed to move independently of him, edging away from him as he drew closer, almost circling him, like a wary opponent in a boxing ring. ‘Hey! Who’s there? Who are you?’ Sam reached out, groping in the darkness. The figure in the gloom stood still and let him inch his way towards it. But as Sam got closer, he began to doubt what he was seeing. Out of what he had taken to be the torso of the figure there glared two wide, narrow, animal eyes. A gaping, snaggle-toothed set of fangs were bared right across where the belly should be. Whatever it was that glared at him silently from the darkness, it wasn’t human. Instinctively, Sam drew back. But this time the thing in the shadows lumbered forward after him, closing the distance. ‘Stay back! Stay away from me!’ Sam tripped over himself, fell, landed heavily and scrambled backwards on his heels and elbows. The devil bore down on him, its eyes still fixed and unblinking, the mouth unmoving. He felt large, powerful hands clamp around his neck, and then he was clawing at muscular forearms, prising desperately at the implacable fingers that were choking his windpipe and sending the blood ringing through his ears. Even in his panic, the ringing of his blood recalled to Sam the high-pitched dead tone of the Test Card Girl. Is that what this is? Another of her bloody nightmares? But this one feels different … It feels worse! His lungs were bursting. His tongue became fat and bloated with trapped blood. His vision filled up with sickly green light as his brain became starved of oxygen. The strength began to ebb from his clawing hands. And still his ears sang and sang with that interminable whistling tone. ‘This is how I finished her,’ came a deep, male voice, just audible through the suffocating chaos in Sam’s mind. Who? Finished who? ‘Slowly … I did it slowly …’ With the dregs of his strength, Sam tugged at the iron fingers around his throat, then felt his arms flop limply at his sides. ‘And then …’ The voice went on, ‘when she passed out … I let her go.’ The fingers relaxed, and Sam fell against the hard floor. On the verge of death he gasped and groaned for air, gulping down oxygen into his agonized lungs, feeling it bring the strength back to his numbed and trembling limbs. He choked and spluttered, tried to struggle onto his feet, but suddenly felt those ogre’s hands slipping round his neck once again ‘And then, when she’d recovered … I’d start all over again.’ The hands tightened. Sam’s windpipe was squeezed shut. Again, he began to claw at the hands around his throat, as hopelessly as before. ‘Over and over … Again and again … For hours … Until her heart gave out.’ Sam’s own heart was pounding crazily within him. ‘So now you know how it ended for her,’ the monster breathed in his ear in its low, guttural voice. ‘Now you know.’ On the threshold of death, Sam was released once more. He fell limply to the floor, choking, gagging, greedily sucking in great lungfuls of air. ‘Don’t forget this, Tyler,’ the disembodied voice whispered, very close to Sam’s ear. ‘I want you to remember it when next we meet – what I did to her, and what I’ll do again, when I come back for what’s mine.’ Sam struggled to speak: ‘Who … What are you … What’s the …’ ‘For what’s mine, Tyler.’ The leering devil face filled his vision. Was it a huge mask? Was it painted? It wasn’t real. Surely it wasn’t real! ‘Until the next time.’ [/spoiler]

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)

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Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012, 11:22

Heute erscheint ja "A Fistful of Knuckles":

Das erste Kapitel kann man auf Amazon.com lesen:


Auf TRA gepostet von OscarPapaRomeo:
[spoiler]CHAPTER ONE: WORLD OF SPORT Sam Tyler stood alone on the high roof of the CID building, the uncaring wind roaring in from across the city and battering him. That’s where I’m going to die, he thought. Right down there. Inching forward, he peered over. An eight storey drop. The cold air rushing over me as I fall. Glimpses of sky, of glass, of buildings out there on the horizon, flashing by as I fall – and then the shattering impact as I slam into the concrete. Sam found himself edging his feet further over the brink, as if the abyss was drawing him into itself. Thirty-three years from now, I’ll run across this rooftop … and jump from this very spot … and die, right there … right down there. A pair of uniformed coppers strolled casually across the exact spot Sam was looking at, their voices just audible; ‘What do you say to a bird with two black eyes?’ ‘I dunno. What do you say to a bird with two black eyes?’ ‘You shouldn’t have to say nuffing, you’ve told her twice already.’ As the coppers’ coarse laughter reached him, Sam leant forward, teetering, almost daring himself to fall. His thoughts were reeling. The year is 1973, but I remember 2006 … the future is also the past … I can recall my own death, leaping from this rooftop, and yet here I am, more alive than I’ve ever been … Sam shut his eyes and tried to clear his mind of the turmoil. He focused on the here and now, on the physical reality of where he was; he felt the bite of the Manchester wind as it cut through his jacket, the sharp sting of the early autumnal cold already hinting at the harsh winter to come, the roar of his blood as it pounded through his ears, the steady beating of his own heart. These things were real. The world he was in was real. That was all that mattered. Annie’s real too. And she is what matters most of all. He had stood here before, on this very brink, back when he’d first arrived in this strange time and place. Looking for a way home, he had believed he would find it here. His plan had been to jump, to jolt himself back into 2006, and escape the alien planet of 1973 upon which he was marooned. But as he had stood there, nerving himself for the plunge, Annie had suddenly appeared, her hair blowing across her anxious face as she reached out her hand to him. ‘We all feel like jumping sometimes, Sam,’ she had said. ‘Only we don’t, me and you – coz we’re not cowards.’ ‘No – we’re not,’ he said to himself now, bracing his body against the anger of the wind. ‘We’re many things, but we’re not that.’ And so, that time around, he had not jumped. He had saved that jump for the future. But it would not be cowardice that would drive him to hurl himself from this precipice, nor would it be despair. He would jump for a reason. He would jump so that he could escape the emptiness of existence in 2006 and return here, to the strange, maddening, exhilarating world of ‘73. He would jump so he could be with Annie. I was right to come back here, he told himself. I belong here. 1973 is my home. No doubts – no regrets – I made the right choice to come back. If he had made the right choice to come back here, why did he feel, deep inside, that there would be no happily ever after for him and Annie? Why did he fear that what lay ahead was not life but darkness and death – and maybe something worse than death? He knew the source of his fear. It came from her, the blank-faced brat who had floated out of his TV screen whispering words of doom and despair ever since he had pitched up here. The Test Card Girl, that incessant gremlin from the deep pit of his subconscious, would not let him go. She haunted him, taunted him, forever wheedling him to give up and die. ‘You have no future,’ she told him, over and over. ‘You have nothing to look forward to but misery and hopelessness and oblivion …’[/spoiler]

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Freitag, 11. Januar 2013, 23:47

Das Cover von Band 3, Borstal Slags, ist da:


Gene sieht wieder mal sehr nach A2A aus, und der komische Zug um seinen Mund ...

Sam ... naja ... ich kenn das Bild, von dem das abgemalt wurde! ;) Hab's sogar von John signiert!

Das Cover von Band 4, Get Cartwright, ist auch vor kurzem rausgekommen (sogar vor Band 3).


Sam find ich da gar nicht so schlecht, aber Annie ... da tu ich mich schon hart, die Ähnlichkeit zu erkennen.

(Band 3: Mit Dank an TRA und Lifein1973.)

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Samstag, 12. Januar 2013, 18:30

Danke für das Verlinken der Cover, Jessie, aber lesen werde ich persönlich diese Bücher wohl nie. Ich bleibe bei der hervorragenden und kostenlosen Fan Fiction auf lifein1973.
My name is Sam Tyler. DCI Sam Tyler.
That much I do know! The rest is anyone's guess.
Because one minute I was in 2006, the next I'm in 1973!!!
So the question now is: What happened? Why am I here?


Montag, 14. Januar 2013, 10:23

@ Life: Geht mir genauso! :D

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Sonntag, 15. September 2013, 14:52

Habe gerade mal einige der Kundenrezensionen gelesen und bin dabei über eine gestolpert, die mich etwas ratlos macht.

[spoiler]As to the writing: it's so accomplished, focused and genre savvy that I didn't buy the claim that the author was series co-creator Matthew Graham's brother, since "Tom" seems to have no other professional credits or even online existence; the author bio/picture display in the book is rather conspicuously an inside-joke concoction, so I went a-Googling to see if I could Gene Hunt down the actual wordsmith. It wasn't easy, but I did. The official LIFE ON MARS novelist is not one of the current generation of usual tie-in writers, which is in part why he's so well-camouflaged...or at least is until you flip the byline names. He's not Tom Graham; he's independently published British science fiction/fantasy novelist Graham Thomas, author of HATS OFF TO BRANDENBURG (The Roxy Compendium), among others (not to be confused with the late Canadian mystery author Gordon Kosakoski, who used that same by-line as a pseudonym). If you click to Graham's (slightly obsolete) bio on his website, The Never Press (as one word) dot-com, one of the sentences in it reads: "He is currently at work on a four-part mini-cycle that exists within a sixteen-part saga." (LIFE ON MARS ran for 16 episodes.)

Es ist also nicht Matthew Grahams Bruder, der die Bücher geschrieben hat???

My name is Sam Tyler. DCI Sam Tyler.
That much I do know! The rest is anyone's guess.
Because one minute I was in 2006, the next I'm in 1973!!!
So the question now is: What happened? Why am I here?


Sonntag, 15. September 2013, 18:58


hatte das auch irgendwann gelesen ... tja, entweder es stimmt, oder nicht. Wenn es stimmt, dann ist das aber eine ganz komische Geschichte. Ich mein, warum sollte Matthew einen Bruder erfinden und behaupten, der würde das schreiben? Um zu verheimlichen, daß sie sich einen Ghostwriter genommen haben?? Wär doch mehr als komisch. Vermutlich einfach nur einer, der da eine tolle Theorie hat, die er sich selber ausgedacht hat. Woanders hab ich noch nie irgendwas derartiges gehört, also daß es keinen Bruder gäbe oder daß es ein Ghostwrhiter war oder so.

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Mittwoch, 13. November 2013, 17:05

Unglaublich, aber wahr ... Amazon.co.uk verschickt jetzt die Bücher! Also die aus Papier. Wer hätt's gedacht, daß das noch passiert ...

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Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016, 15:46

Habe mir mal diese drei wunderbaren Bücher gekauft.... Finde sie sehr gut und witzig gemacht.....


Irgendwie werden die Fotos nicht angezeigt bei mir. Sind sie sonst sichtbar?
"You´ve just been quattroed!"

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Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016, 14:21


leider nein - welche Bücher sollen es sein?

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Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2016, 11:37

Naja, schade, dass wohl keine Fotos mehr hochgeladen werden können.... :cloud: Sind auf jeden Fall diese drei Bücher:

1) The Rules of modern Policing - 1973 Edition -
2) The Future of modern Policing - 1981 Edition -
3) The wit ans wisdom of DCI Gene Hunt

"You´ve just been quattroed!"


Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016, 11:05

Hallo Gene,

sorry für die späte Antwort ...

Ich habe die Bücher auch, am besten gefällt mir das erste zu LoM, The Rules of Modern Policing.

Zum "Wit and Wisdom" gab's ja sogar mal einen Kalender. Ursprünglich gab's 2 LoM-Kalender, 2007 und 2008, glaub ich. Und dann gab es nur noch Gene-Hunt-Kalender. Die ersten waren noch ganz gut, aber dann, 2010, wurde es schon sehr wenig witzig. Irgendwo hab ich sie alle, aber mein liebster ist der erste zu LoM mit "Poster" von Sam in der Mitte. :-)


Die Kalender gibt's heute z. T. auch noch, manchmal sogar noch neu/ungebraucht. Bei eBay tauchen sie immer wieder auf.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)


Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016, 22:59

Das Foto aus dem ersten Link ist mein Desktophintergrund.... :biggrin:

Habe die Bücher bisher noch nicht (komplett) gelesen, aber das was ich bisher gelesen habe, fand ich super! :)

Habe vor ca. 1 Jahr mal eine ähnliche Lederjacke wie von Sam bei ebay Kleinanzeigen gekauft.... Was mich noch interessieren würde wäre der Mantel von Gene Hunt und so ein Polizei Ausweis mit Ledermappe von einem der beiden....
"You´ve just been quattroed!"


Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017, 14:29

Tja, der Mantel von Gene Hunt (also der aus LoM) würde mehr Leute interessieren ... Aber leider weiß niemand so genau, wo er ist. Ob noch in irgendeinem Fundus (der der BBC Manchester wurde ja zwischenzeitlich teilweise aufgelöst und verkauft), oder bei der Auflösung einfach mit anderen Sachen unbekannterweise verkauft ... schade, schade.

So einen Ausweis kann man sich ganz gut nachmachen, die hatten ja auch keine echte Marke von damals und haben einfach eine andere etwas "glattgehobelt" und neu bemalt. Wenn man genau hinschaut, kann man das auch sehen in der Serie.

Von cap-that.com:


Irgendwer hatte mal seine nachgemachte Ausrüstung von Gene in's Netz gestellt und auch beschrieben, wie bzw. aus was er das alles zusammengebastelt hatte. Weiß aber nicht mehr, wer das war.

"Don't be such a jessie!" (Gene Hunt)

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